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Boat Storage Tips

All good things come to an end…including boating season. Time to think about storing your boat until next season, but make sure you consider East Greenwich Marina as one of your options. While the water’s still warm enough for an early autumn sail, look ahead.

You won’t have to worry about hoisting your boat into a trailer if you keep it in the water at East Greenwich Marina for the winter, but act fast! Winter slips from last year are NOT guaranteed, space is limited, and is allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Winter boat rates are $45 per foot, and electrical rates are billed from Nov. 1 through April 1.

The marina can offer winter boat storage thanks to water circulators in the dock area that keep the water moving, preventing ice from building up even in record cold winter months like the region has had in recent years.

In-water storage is an excellent option, provided you’ve taken the necessary steps to winterize your boat. Some of the important steps to remember include:

  • Regular inspections: You want to make sure everything is sealed up tidy and tight before winter arrives, and check as often as you can during the winter to avoid any nasty surprises come spring.
  • Cover as much of the boat as you can to avoid damage from winter’s worst behavior. Shrink-wrap it if you can afford it. At the very least, get a good canvas tarp to cover the cockpit and deck areas.
  • Winterize your engines, batteries, water systems, and anything else mechanical to keep yourself ahead of nature.

If you decide to have your boat hauled out for storage, whether indoors, in a boatyard, or at home, remember a few other pieces of advice:

  • Clean your boat inside and outside before you store it. If it’s out of the water for an extended period, give it a good wash and wax to avoid mildew buildup.
  • Make sure your gas tank is full to avoid corrosion and condensation. Put in a fuel additive to avoid carbon and sludge buildup which will hamper your engine’s performance once spring returns.
  • Flush your engine block with fresh water, ensuring saltwater won’t cause corrosion on dry land.

If you want to keep your boat safe in the dock for winter, or have other questions about storing your craft safely so you can get out on the bay that first warm day, East Greenwich Marina can help keep your boating dreams of winter afloat in spring.